Dandyland Pet Care Center
Dandyland Pet Care Center


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Business Walk
Time outside to do their business, and a short playtime. 5 to 10 minutes
Nature Walk
Walk in the woods and around the property on a leash. 15-20 minutes
Individual Playtime
One on one playtime with a staff member
Group Playtime
Playtime with the Dandyland Pack. Daycare dogs and center owners personal dogs make up this playful group.  This is reserved for dogs that are used to other dogs, by going to the dog park,  being around family dogs, or doggies in the neighborhood, etc.
This extra is only for regular daycare dogs.  The dogs will be taken out after breakfast to spend the day with their friends, and return to their boarding space for dinner.
Good Night Walk
Just before we close the building up at night the dogs will be taken outside for a final opportunity to do their business and exert some energy before bed.
Tuck in Service
This extra includes cuddle time, an extra treat and short story before bed.



Dandyland Pet Care Center

We offer several options for overnight boarding.     
Dogs have full-height indoor-outdoor runs or kennels.     
There’s a separate room for cats, with condos. We also board, ferrets, guinea pigs, hamsters and other small animals, with owner provided housing.

Each boarding dog receives 2 free individual business walks/playtimes outside every day. All dogs in one family, go outside together.

Dogs over 40lbs $33.00 per day
Dogs up to 40 lbs $29.00 per day
Cats/other $17.00 per day
$25.00 per day each additional dog
$15.00 per day each additional cat or small animal (ferret, bunny, etc.)

  • You may bring your pet’s favorite blanket, bedding, and/or toys for their stay provided they are labeled and expendable. We are able to provide all these amenities for your pet as well.
    • We are glad to give your pet our food or yours from home at no extra cost. If you choose to bring your pet’s food and treats, please bring them in a sealable plastic container.
    • We will administer any necessary medications. Please make sure they are properly labeled. We do up to 3 mealtimes, treats at owner’s request, and affection throughout their stay.
    • Ginny Kates Owner/Operator Lives on site, and the center is monitored 24/7 by ADT Security.
We have an Open Door Policy, so feel free to come by   
during regular business hours and inspect our center for yourself!

Boarding Check-in hours 8am to 6pm
Pets dropped off after 12pm will be charged 1/2 price for the first day of boarding.
Boarding Check-out hours 8am-6pm
Pets picked up before 12pm will be charged 1/2 price for the final day of their stay.

Pampered Dog Extras
Nature Walk $8.00
Individual Playime $5.00
Group Playtime $5.00
Daycare $5.00
Good Night Walk $3.00
Busy Bone $2.00
Tuck in Service $3.00
Medications $1.50 to $5.00 per administration
 Pampered Dog Extras Discount Packages per day
(savings off individual extras)
Dandy Package $9.00 (savings $7.00)
2 Individual/Group Playtimes
Busy Bone
Tuck in Service
  Cavalier Package $9.00 (savings $6.00)
1 Individual/Group Playtime
1 Nature Walk
1 Busy Bone
 Golden Package $15.00 (savings $7.00)
1 Individual/Group Playtime
1 Nature Walk
Busy Bone
Good Night Walk
Tuck in Service


All pets must be free of fleas, ticks and parasites upon   
arrival.  We reserve the right to treat the pet for fleas   
and ticks at the owner’s expense if we deem it necessary.

Dandyland Pet Care Center

Required vaccines for all services.
  • Dog- Rabies vaccine (with copy of vaccination record), Bordetella and Distemper (DHLPP)
  • Cat- Rabies vaccine (with copy of vaccination record) and Distemper (FVRCP)