Ginny and Family,

We just wanted to say thank you so much, again, for taking such good care of Molly every day she is there!  We have been so blessed with such a wonderful animal & she has made such a lasting impression in our lives and hearts already.  Ginny, we really do appreciate having such a wonderful "second home" to take her to when we are not here & your kennel has been such a delightful, exciting and fun place, that Molly truly enjoys---we couldn't ask for more!  You give us piece of mind & Molly a healthy, happy kennel experience every time she comes---Thanks

Jim, Mary, Anthony and Emily D'Orsaneo

 "Your princess sends her licks and hugs"


I just wanted to thank you for the card today, and for taking such good care
of our Molly-girl. Buddy and I just found out 2 weeks ago today that Buster
had an inoperable tumor in his throat, and while I love my Molly dearly, she
is a puppy and just naturally tends to make everything about her. The fact
that she could stay at your place so much over the past two weeks meant that
Buddy and I could just focus on spending time with Buster, and spoiling him
rotten in the short time he had left. I will always be very grateful that
we were able to do that.

Thank you for everything you do.


P.S. Plus we didn't feel a bit guilty about Molly staying with you, since
she has more fun at your place than at home!


Hi Ginny,

Thanks again for taking such good care of Lewis, I will be a lot more relaxed the next time we leave him in your care. As promised, I'm going to do everything possible to promote your business. I want you guys to stay in business a long time! Below is what I put on the Kent Island Dog Park's web site.

Hello Everyone,

I returned home yesterday after spending four delightful days at Dandyland. I received exceptionally good care while mom and dad were gone. I had four play periods a day and was given big hugs (and
treats) throughout the day. My bedding was even kept clean!

Dad was a little nervous, so he made a pest of himself by calling twice daily, but they didn't mind Ginny even responded to all his emails. Yes, he even emailed her daily. I was all bathed and waiting with Ginny in the waiting room when mom and day picked me up. I cannot say enough good things about Dandyland and Ginny, it's a family run business and I was treated like part of their family.

See you at the park,

Thanks again,
Gary Butterwei

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